About Poreč

Poreč is a multiple champion of Croatian tourism. It is the city with the most awards, but also a city with a huge cultural and historical heritage

Poreč is located on the western coast of Istria and has 17,400 inhabitants. The Poreč Riviera stretches from the Mirna Valley in the north to the Lim Channel 37 km further in the south. The main tourist areas in Poreč are Lanterna, Cervar-Porat, Ulika, Materada, Spadici, Brulo, Plava Laguna (blue lagoon), Zelena Lagna (green lagoon) and Bijela Uvala (white bay).

Both the numerous islands and clean and well-equipped beaches are the symbol of Poreč. Over 12 beaches hoist the blue flag, a certificate from the international environmental program for the protection of the sea and coast.

A wide range of accommodation options and cultural events makes Poreč a destination that has something to offer for every taste. Poreč also has its own sports and entertainment offer. The city is widely known both as a training ground for professional and amateur players, and as a great place for entertainment with many summer bars and clubs.

Poreč and its surroundings also offer many excellent restaurants , where you can enjoy not only fresh fish specialties but also Istrian cuisine specialties – best with a glass of white Malvazija or red Merlot or Teran wine. All these first class products come from this region.

Poreč is a perfect starting point for trips to Umag, Novigrad, Vrsar, Pula, Brijuni National Park and inland Istria with its numerous villages. There you can visit vineyards, olive oil roads or explore the area by bike in the midst of beautiful nature.

Rich in offers in all fields of culture, entertainment, sports and the best tourist conditions, Poreč offers you everything to make your vacation unique and unforgettable!

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Poreč has a lot to offer historically and culturally; let yourself be impressed by the historical background of this city.

The natural protection of the 400 m long and 200 m wide peninsula probably contributed to the establishment of a port center during prehistory, which served the densely populated Gradina buildings of the Histri tribes in the area of ​​today’s Poreč. In the 2nd century BC. A Roman settlement was built along this natural port, which developed into the fortified city whose symmetrical orthogonal grid of streets, with the main streets Cardo Maximus and Decumanus and the Forum at the centre, has survived to our times.

Poreč received the rank of a town even before Caesar’s rule, and in the first half of the century the colony Iulia Parentium was founded. Poreč still had its bishop during the persecution of Christians in the 3rd century. The first bishop of Poreč, Mauro, was a victim of the persecution of the Roman power and after his martyrdom was chosen as the city’s patron saint. From then until now, Poreč has been a diocese, and on the place where Bishop Mavar suffered his martyrdom, an early Christian cathedral was built in the 4th century, a hundred years later, enlarged, and in the 6th century, Bishop Euphrasius left build the basilica on the same site, a pearl of the city’s architectural heritage.

At the beginning of the 7th century the Slavs settled in Istria, and from the 5th century until the Second World War the city was under the rule of various states and rulers; starting with the Ostrogoths, Franks, Aquillan patriarchs, Venice, Austria, under Napoleon’s Italy, to belong to Croatia since 1943 along with the rest of Istria.

Poreč was part of the Doge’s Republic for the longest time, from 1267 to 1797. It had its municipal self-government as early as the 12th century, and the first town statute probably dates back to 1250. The fact that Poreč was appointed the seat of regional power, the Istrian Parliament, in 1861 during the Austro-Hungarian Empire also contributed significantly to its reputation.

The best way to feel the spirit of this city is in the heart of the old town. Visit the Euphrasian Basilica, the cathedral of the Croatian diocese of Poreč-Pula, which is one of the most important sacred buildings in Croatia, or stroll through the city’s Trg Marafor (Forum Square).

If you are interested in culture and history, you will find all sorts of interesting things in a small area in Poreč. The history of this city is still alive in the traditional and contemporary monuments and works of art within the walls of this city. Walking through the city along Cardo and Decamanus streets you will see the Euphrasian Basilica, Marafor Square and Poreč Towers and admire the specific architecture of the buildings that surround you. If you stop at one of the many art galleries you can take home your personal souvenir and piece of Poreč. In addition to the historic center, Poreč also has a lot to offer in its surroundings, such as the Baredine Cave.


Old Town Porec The old town of Porec is a sight in itself. The flair of a bygone era lives on here to this day. The two famous streets Decamanus and Cadus Maximus divide the peninsula. In the middle is Marafor Square.





Complex of the Euphrasian Basilica The Euphrasian Basilica is the most famous sight of Porec. Byzantine art and Mediterranean style come together in this unique monument, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Euphrasius Church was built in the mid-6th century under Bishop Euphrasius and Emperor Justinian I. Visits can be made daily, except during church service times. You can climb the bell tower and enjoy the unique view over Porec.



Marafor Square The Romanesque Forum Square is located at the tip of the peninsula. It has 2 temples, Mars and Neptune, which were constructed in the 1st century.





Towers of Porec The three towers were built in the 15th century. They served as protection against encroachment by the Ottomans.




romanicka kuca

Romanesque House The Romanesque house, dating back to the 13th century, is located where Cardo Maximus and Decamanus Maximus streets meet. It has a beautiful wooden balcony, a Romanesque biephorum and monolithic archivolt.





Homeland Museum Porec The Homeland Museum in Porec was built in the 18th century and is located in the baroque Sincic Palace. In the museum one can find archeological and historical collections of documents and numerous Romanesque monuments. In an original baroque salon you can see works of art of that time.




Baredine Cave The Baredine Cave is a geomorphological monument in Reins

Poreč has a really wide range of sports. Whether above, on or under water – in Poreč everyone will find something for themselves.


Go-Kart One of the best go-kart tracks in Croatia is located only 500 m from the coast of Poreč. You can choose between go-karts of different speeds as well as children’s go-karts





Boat trips There is a wide range of boat trips from Poreč. One of the most popular is the boat trip from Poreč to Vrsar. There you can visit some of the largest pirate caves in Croatia. Other boat tours allow you to explore the western coast of Istria, from Vrsar to Lim Kanaö or Rovinj.




Paintball For paintball lovers, Poreč offers you the perfect opportunity for adventure fun just a few minutes from the city center.





Water fun If you want to jet over the water on the rings or the “banana” or feel an adrenaline rush on the jet ski – Poreč offers you all fun games on the water.





Diving The crystal clear and clean sea water around Poreč makes diving a real pleasure. The underwater world hides numerous underwater caves, tunnels, hydro-archaeological sights and abandoned shipwrecks such as the Numidia wreck. This shipwreck is the longest in the Croatian Adriatic with a length of 120 m at 35 depth. There are numerous reefs around Poreč, especially around the islands, for both amateur and experienced divers. The Diving Center “Poreč” is only a 10-minute walk from the center of the city.



Cycling Poreč is a real gem for cyclists. It has many routes from Mirna to Lim Channel. On the bike tours you can experience the beautiful landscape and the charming and historical places of this area. Nature will delight you with its olive bushes, pine forests and Mediterranean flora. Because you’re always close to the shore, you’ll enjoy unique views and feel and smell the sea breeze. You can capture the most beautiful moments, such as the wonderful sunsets, with unique photos or simply enjoy them. There are various bike tours that will take you to Visnjan, Labinci and Kastelir, among others. A special tour is the 15th of the 87th Giro d’Italia, which leads all the way to Umag on the border with Slovenia.

Poreč is located in the middle of the Istrian peninsula and is therefore very well suited for trips to fascinating places and cities, such as Venice in Italy or the National Park Brijuni or the towns of the Istria and Kvarner region.



VeniceVenice Venice in Italy is definitely worth a visit. Venice is widely known for its numerous canals and architecture and is one of the most romantic cities in the world. It is a city of artists and a popular location for filmmakers and photographers.




rovinjRovinj Rovinj is a historically and spiritually inspired town located only 35 km from Poreč. The town is one of the most photogenic cities in the Mediterranean. It will seduce you with its narrow and medieval streets and warm Mediterranean atmosphere. One of the most famous sights in Rovinj is the 10th century St. Euphemius Basilica.


pulaPula When talking about Pula, the first thing to mention is the impressive amphitheater. However, that’s not all Pula has to offer. Visit this beautiful and historically important place with a Mediterranean flair. Pula is located in the very west of the Istrian peninsula and is only an hour away from Porec.


iceland-istriaInland Istria Take a trip to inland Istria and visit the XXX with its numerous castles and church towers. The villages and towns are rich in historical and romantic flair and take visitors back to a bygone era. One of these unique places is Motovun, the place where the renowned international film festival takes place every summer. Other places worth seeing are Groznjan, the place of artists, or Hum, the smallest place in the world.


opatijaOpatija Opatija marks the beginning of the Kvarner Riviera. It is the city with the longest tourist season in Croatia. Here you can take a walk along the promenade “Lungomare” and enjoy the beautiful view of the sea and Rijeka as well as the islands of Krk and Cres. Opatija can be reached by car in about 1.5 hours.


brijuniBrijuni National Park The 16 islets of Brijuni stretch on the south-west coast of the Istrian peninsula. In the Brijuni National Park you can go on a safari tour and see free-roaming animals and many archaeological sights. Brijuni can be reached by driving 50km by car to Fazana and from there embarking on a 15-minute boat ride.


kupa riverThe Kupa River For those who want to experience real adventure and have a great time, the Kupa River is the right destination. Once again, Croatia offers the beauty of pure nature, which you can truly experience by paddling. You can reach the Kupa River by car in less than 3 hours.


plitvicePlitvice National Park Another stretch of pure natural beauty is the Plitvice National Park. There are numerous lakes as well as natural waterfalls and caves. The park is known for offering a plethora of unique colors. Although it takes more than 3 hours to drive to the national park, this trip is definitely worth it – you will return full of impressions and beautiful photos.

Poreč offers many events throughout the year. Especially in summer, when something happens almost every day and there is certainly something for everyone – from concerts, sporting events to festivals and exhibitions.

Summer in Porec



Trg Slobode During this period there is a wide music and entertainment program on the town’s main square.






Handball Club Poreč

Zatika Hall The Zatika sports hall is located in the center of Poreč and welcomes top athletes within the framework of the handball championship. In addition to the best Croatian teams, the German Vfl Gummersbach, the Hungarian champion MKB Veszprem KC, the best Danish team HC Bjerringbro-Silkeborg and the Slovenian runner-up RK Cimos Koper will also take part this year.




Classical music concerts

Euphrasius Basil Tamara Jukić, Piano HR Endrew Balio, Trumpet USA performed a concert in the beautiful surroundings of Euphrasius Basilica.




Classical music concerts

Euphrasian Basil Sasa Dejanovic, guitar, and guests play in the Euphrasian Basilica.




Jazz in Lapidarium

Lapidarium High-class musicians are guests in the Lapidarium. Tonight Branimir Gazdik performs for all jazz lovers.




Porec 24

Poreč center For three days there will be a variety of music and entertainment at the city port of Poreč.




Tartini Quartet

Euphrasius Basil The Tartini Quartet plays a classical concert in the Euphrasius Basilica in the old town of Poreč.




Porec dolphin

Beach Hotela Pical The eleventh marathon in swimming will take place on the hotel beach Pical.





Poreč Giostra is a historical festival that takes place in the center of Poreč.




International cycling race

Western coast of Poreč The international MTB race takes place on the western coast of Istria in Funtana/Vrsar, Tar/Katelir and Vzidana.




Run and be happy

Trg Slobode The fourth international athletics race for women starts on the main square in Poreč.




15th International Prize of the Istrian Riviera

Poreč The championship in chronometric driving takes place on the go-kart track in Poreč.




Discover Istria on foot

Hotels Poreč During this week you can dance to Latin-American rhythms in the hotels in Poreč.






Antonio Janigro

Poreč International competition for talented young cello players in the center of Poreč.

Poreč has great nightlife! Numerous bars, clubs and restaurants make the nights lively! Here you will find the most popular and best clubs and bars in and around Poreč.





Byblos Byblos is a high-class open-air disco, opened in 2007, located on the beautiful Zelena Laguna beach. It was furnished by a world-renowned Italian designer, Maro Lucchi. The design combines black and white, the bar is made of mosaic and the chandeliers are made of Murano glass. Byblos is a real luxury disco where DJs known and renowned all over the world play. This disco is one of the biggest and trendiest in the Balkan region, and in addition to DJs, bands and artists of all genres perform.




Club Plava Club Plava is one of the oldest clubs in Istria. It is located on the “Plava Laguna” beach and can be quickly reached by bus, which runs every 30 minutes from Porec. The club is open every day from June to September and offers a wide variety of music.




Villa Club Club Villa is located on the city beach of Poreč. Offering a nightclub, beach bar and restaurant, it should have something for everyone.





Other bars and clubs Other bars and clubs in Poreč city center are La Cioccolata and Saind and Sinner, which you will surely come across while walking around the city. As well as other cool bars and cafes where you can enjoy coffee, food and cocktails on Marsala Tita or Epoca street. Online session drummer


If you want to travel to Poreč by car, the Istrian region has a very good infrastructure.

Enter the location from which your trip starts and follow the instructions.

We wish you a good journey!

Porec via Trieste

For travel destinations on the western Istrian coast or for our trip to Porec in Istria, I generally choose the Villach-Udine-Trieste-Koper- border route, then follow in the direction of Pula to the Visnjan-Porec-Nord exit.

You can create an individual route description here .

Porec via Ljubljana/Koper

For travel destinations in Istria, as an alternative to the Villach – Udine – Trieste – Koper – HR border route, you can also travel to the western Istrian coast via Ljubljana and Koper. The Slovenians charge €15.00 for a 7-day car vignette and € 30.00 for a 1-car monthly vignette  . About 12.00 € per direction toll charges are to be expected via Italy.

Those arriving via the Austrian A10 (Tauernautobahn) must turn off at the Villach junction onto the A11 in the direction of Slovenia / Karawanken Tunnel.

After the Karawanken tunnel  direction Ljubljana , Koper , border crossing (Kastel/Dragonja). In  Croatia , follow the direction of Pula to the Visnjan-Porec-Nord exit. After about 10 km you will reach Porec.


The closest airports to Poreč are:

  • Pula Airport (KRO) Croatia – 52 km
  • Ronchi dei Legionari Airport, (ITA) Trst, Italy – 112 km
  • Rijeka Airport (KRO) – 122 km

From the listed airports you can go to Poreč by bus or taxi – there are organized connections for tourists.

Low-cost airlines / low-cost airlines

If you book early, you will certainly find cheaper offers here than with the scheduled airlines. If you are interested in cheap flights , you can find the top 10 providers here or use the cheap flight search engine.

Direct flights to other international airports also exist from some of the above airports.



Arrival by train : Via Ljubljana or Trieste and then to Pazin . From Pazin by bus to Porec. You can also travel by train to Rijeka and then by bus to Porec.